The great wall...

This week the fence wall was put in place. As the wall was included in the cost of the house, we were not so worried. When the work started, it looked great.

But then the contractor said that only 80 cm high wall was the one included in the price. When we saw how the 80 cm wall looked like, we were not so satisfied. The wall looked great, but it needed to be a little more high.

Guys putting on the blocks 

So after discussing with the contractor, we decided to add tow levels more to the existing 80 cm wall making it 100-110 cm high from the street level, which then came to the same level as the height of our plot. Our plot is quite a bit higher than the street. So a fence wall is needed to make the overall house look better.

The work on the inside of the house is also in progress. The guys are working on the upper floor first, so at the moment the lower floor still looks the same as before. Soon the changes will start showing up as we get close to the deadline.

Carport and Storage room has arrived

The work has started in full swing after vacation. The vacation break has charged the battries and there is a lot of energy. This week the outer storage room and the carport arrived. Soon the work on the fence wall will also start. There is change happening every day and I am trying to keep up with the pace of the work being done daily.

Vacation is over... Now back to work!

It has been a really good summer this year. The weather has been warm and sunny most of the time except for some intermediate showers. There has been a lot of BBQing, meeting friends, visiting zoo, beaches, etc... etc...

Life is good when relaxing in a Hammock.

But all good things come to an end. Now the vacation time is over and its time to get back to work. Same is the case for the guys building our house. They are also back from vacation and the work on the house has now started. Soon the carport and outer storage room will arrive. They will start building the fence wall next week and I have already purchased the mailbox so that it can be placed when the wall is being built.

In the mean time we also visited the paint and wallpaper store to have a look at the options for paint and wallpapers that we would like to have. This time it was very easy and quick. There was no difference of opinion between me and Ana as we both wanted to have the internal walls to be plane white. Initially we were thinking of having a few selected walls with some colorful wallpaper, but that idea was put to rest when we got an expert tip from the guy at the store. He said as the house is newly built and mostly of wood, there will be some small structural variations between different seasons which will lead to tearing of the wallpaper. So the best time to put the wallpaper (if we really want to) would be around one year later. So that the house would have seen all different seasons and the structure of the house would have settled. So we went with this tip and decided that if at all we need to have wallpapers we could put it our selves later. And as we have gained a lot of experience fixing the wallpapers of our earlier apartment, we would not need to pay anyone to put the wallpapers.
Ana browsing through the catalog

The strange case of missing "Köpebrev"

In other news, we encountered another problem during the vacation period. The bank called. They said that they had not yet received the original document of the "Köpebrev". At first I was puzzled as I had no clue as to what the hell "Köpebrev" was. I told the lady on the phone that I had submitted all the needed documents to Malin, who was our contact at the bank. But Malin was on vacation. So they couldn't check if Malin had the document or not. The bank only had a copy of the "Köpebrev", but not the original document. Basically this document is a proof that we are the owners of the land on which the house is being built. I told the lady on the phone that we have the "Köpekontrakt" (document of the land purchase). But she said that is not the one bank considers. The bank needs "Köpebrev" to be able to say that we were the owners of the land.

So here is the twist in our story... We have the house standing on site, but according to the bank we are not yet the owners of the land. And as complicated these processes are, the bank shouldn't have released the funds for starting the house building work to begin with. But that was done successfully and without any issues. So how did this happen?

I ringed up Magnus from Myresjöhus to ask about "Köpebrev". He said that this document is sent directly to the bank by the company that has sold the land to us. And as per the records at Myresjöhus, the original document was sent to Malin way back in February. I was relieved to know that missing "Köpebrev" was not our fault. The document had been sent to the bank, but they were not able to find it. So most probably they have it somewhere and the only person to know it was Malin who is on vacation.

Malin is back from Vacation only next week. So until she is back and finds the original "Köpebrev", the situation will remain as is... i.e. we have constructed a house on the land that we do not own yet.
I just hope that as soon as Malin is back, she finds the original "Köpebrev" and we all continue with our life. In worst case, if Malin does not find the original document, Magnus will have to ask the company that sold the land to make another original copy of the "Köpebrev". But that will mean it will take some more time.

But luckily all this issue won't be a showstopper for the work that is being done. So the house building will continue according to the plan, and the strange case of missing "Köpebrev" will have to be solved in parallel.